OPTIBAT® for wastewater treatment plants

In order to treat wastewater from chemical processes before its disposal is necessary to control the parameters of pH, index Redox, and COD, among others. Wastewater treatment requires different additives, among which flocculants, coagulants, oxygenated water, lime and caustic soda, among others, can be found. Different treatment batches require treating varying amounts of water of different pollutant loads. In this situation, it is necessary to add the additive quantities suitable for each batch, neither more nor less. However the effect of additives sometimes is not immediate and it is necessary to perceive the needs of each batch and put into effect the optimum amount of additive before it finishes having effect. On the other hand, the many exceptions that sometimes these processes have require appointing a person to care about the process a high percentage of his time. This is what OPTIBAT® redox helps solve, both automating operating policies, and dosing the right amount of additives in each batch.

OPTIBAT® for sewage treatment plants

Sewage treatment plants have to treat the water by processing their waste through live micro-organisms that consume dissolved oxygen present in the water. The concentration of oxygen in the water is to be adequate for the treatment and for the maintenance of the biological fauna, so that air or oxygen has to be injected through blowers located at the bottom of the tank. Control of the level of oxygen and other parameters is a complex task; while on the other hand, the turbines or air compressors consume significant amounts of energy. The optimization of all of this is possible thanks to OPTIBAT® bio, by means of the appropriate choice of work rate for the different compressors.

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