OPTIBAT® for cogeneration plants

Cogeneration allows industry to generate heat (and optionally cold) for its processes, together with electrical energy, giving this a higher energy efficiency than generating heat and electricity separately. Combustion can happen in Gas turbines or Alternating Engines, depending on the type and power required in the installation. Despite the higher performance, this equipment consumes large amounts of primary fuel: natural gas, diesel, or others. Therefore, any improvement of efficiency in these processes provides significant savings of primary fuel.

That is what OPTIBAT® cogen provides. This product uses setpoints of the process, turning them first into safe setpoint ranges. Optimizer adjusts setpoints, within these ranges, getting the best performance for current production rate and other external factors at all times. Operation team chooses the setpoint ranges for the optimizer according to their priorities and experience, keeping full control on the optimizer actuations at all times.

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