OPTIBAT® for refrigeration cycles

Numerous processes, primarily in the chemical and food industries, require the production of high refrigeration power to cool and even freeze product, and to keep product cold. The generation of cold in these cases is carried out in large facilities normally based on compression cycles of ammonia. In these facilities, cool until temperatures close and even far below zero celsius degrees is transferred to some other thermal fluid, such as air, water, or brine. Compression almost always requires several compressors working in parallel, so that determining the best load for each compressor is not an easy task. Efficiency curves of the compressors are not linear, after years of operation they do not conform exactly to the curves of the manufacturer, and also depend on factors such as temperatures and pressures from the process. Therefore, in many occasions inefficient loads are used, that pose an avoidable energy waste.

OPTIBAT® cooling constantly keeps an accurate model of the efficiencies and consumption of each combination of compressors in service, in every working condition. This allows OPTIBAT® to recommend the exact combination of loads that will ensure the least possible electrical energy consumption, maintaining strictly the production of cold required by the main process in each situation. OPTIBAT® cooling can operate with one or more lines in parallel and several compressors per line, either in manual or automatic mode settings.

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