OPTIBAT® for Paper Mills

In the paper industry, paper mills are the most important process and the largest consumer of energy. In these machines, the paper pulp has to be dried at high speed, turning it into paper with a level of humidity inside limits. This is done via several steps, of which vacuum drying and drying by heat are the bigger consumers of energy. In the first case electricity is used and in the second, thermal energy coming from boilers or cogeneration cycles. On the other hand, paper quality is what matters the most, and paper breaks happen more often than desired that can make the machine stop and lose production time.

OPTIBAT® paper mill is a product specifically designed to save energy in paper mills. It performs a continuous observation of the variables of the process, atmospheric conditions, it counts the days since the felts were changed, and recommends the optimal settings in the different vacuum pumps. These settings account at all times for the state of the felts, the type of paper, etc. in order to minimize energy losses, while scrupulously respect the drying process and product quality, and avoid stoppages due to breakage of the paper, whose frequency and causes can be controlled and analyzed by the system.

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