OPTIBAT® for wind turbines

Achieving more energy efficiency from wind turbines is now possible by means of the adaptive optimization of control parameters according to the wind turbine status and condition, weather, and maintenance. By these means, the same energy can be achieved with less wind turbines, what means more compact and ecological wind farms, and faster return of investments in wind energy.

OPTIBAT® for dryer machines

Drying processes are frequent in the manufacturing industry, especially in sectors such as the timber, paper, mining and food industries. In these processes, it is not easy to maintain a balance between the elimination of moisture to the air and keeping the heat that this air transports. When airing too much, air stays drier and more able of taking moisture out from the product, but more heat is lost. Depending on the type of product to dry and the drying phase, among other circumstances.

OPTIBAT® dryer brings in these cases a decision making tool in real time about frequencies or most efficient ventilation flows, depending on the installation, the product and the conditions of atmospheric air, among other factors.

OPTIBAT® for industrial boilers

Many processes that require an intense heat input get that heat from steam generated in industrial boilers. In them, the heat generated by the combustion of gas, fuel, diesel, coal or biomass, for example, is transferred to the water, which is vaporized and superheated up to the required temperature. A boiler is a complex process in itself, where the characteristics of combustion on the one hand, and the phases of heat exchange between the water and combustion gas, have influence on the overall efficiency of the process. Increasingly more efficient boilers are made where heat losses are minimal and flue gases have not very high temperatures after having transferred all the possible heat to other parts of the process. But there are many less efficient boilers with years of service, which have to yield still their maximum performance for some years more.

OPTIBAT® boiler allows taking the most from existing boilers when investments in new more efficient equipment are not possible. It is possible to achieve the best achievable combustion in the whole set of burners, on the one hand, and on the other hand achieve an optimum heat transfer between flue gas and steam, e.g. using the possibilities of adjustment of the boiler, with no installation of additional equipment.

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