On-line optimization of industrial energy expenditure

OPTIBAT® energy is a high-end product that runs in on-line connection with the Process Control System and reacts to any change in the process (such as raw material, production rate, operating mode, atmospheric conditions, maintenance state) proposing or carrying out smooth adjustments, or any other changes, that keep the process in its point of maximum energy efficiency every time.

OPTIBAT® energy is always watching to avoid any single efficiency loss, in a smooth and progressive way, controlled at all time by plant staff who determines the actuation margins of the system.

OPTIBAT® energy provides a real-time optimization solution, safe and easy to put into service, for processes with high energy consumption. It carries out and automatic or supervised process steering, at the choice of the customer, by means of continuous adjustments in setpoints.

OPTIBAT® energy analyses process data exhaustively and identifies the optimal adjustment of each process state. This means recommendations and adjustments that guarantee quality and production rate without spending a single Euro more than needed.

OPTIBAT® energy connects and integrates seamlessly with existing plant systems in the control room (SCADA, DCS, PLC, control cabinets). Improvements so achieved can reach 10% or more, depending on the process.


1.- It adapts to real process working conditions.
2.- It can run in fully automatic mode, supervised mode (man-in-the-loop) or customized depending on each variable.
3.- It adapts to any change in the process that can have an influence on performance.
4.- It can also implement operating policies in an automatic way.
5.- It runs in PC type equipment, with no high investments in new equipment.
6.- Production with minimal cost of electrical power, gas and other fossil fuels.


1.- Up to 10% savings in electricity and gas expenditures.
2.- Improvements in product quality are achievable with energy savings.
3.- Better environmental indicators.
4.- Profitable investment (normally) from first accounting period, depending on the process.


OPTIBAT® energy can be used in either continuous or batch processes. Some processes feasible for OPTIBAT® application are:

Power plants
Metal melting furnaces
Heating Treatment furnaces
Paper machines
Combined cycle cogeneration plants
Alternative engine based cogeneration
Refrigeration cycles
Drying equipment

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