OPTIBAT® water

On-line optimization of water treatment plants.

OPTIBAT® water is a high-end product for on-line optimization of water treatment plants. Chemical wastewater treatments and Biological sewage treatment plants can benefit from OPTIBAT® unique features.

It performs an automatic (closed-loop) or supervised (man-in-the-loop) piloting of the process, by means of continuous adjustments in setpoints. It keeps BOD, COD, pH, Redox and turbidity under control.

OPTIBAT® water analyses exhaustively all process data and applies the optimum setpoints for each situation, in either batch or continuous water treatment. This means recommendations and adjustments that guarantee quality of the treatment, spending in additives and energy the exact required amount at every time. The savings that can be achieved in most water treatment plants are 25% or more.

OPTIBAT® water connects seamlessly with existing control systems (PLC, SCADA, DCS).


1.- It adapts to real process working conditions.
2.- It can run in fully automatic mode, supervised mode (man-in-the-loop) or customised depending on each variable.
3.- It adapts to any change in the process that can have an influence on performance.
4.- It can also implement operating policies in an automatic way.
5.- It runs in PC type equipment, with no high investments in new equipment.


1.- Up to 25% savings in additives or more.
2.- Improvement of water quality.
3.- Water treatment rate stable and optimal.


OPTIBAT® water is valid for either continuous or batch treatment plants. It can be applied both in biological and chemical installations.

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