OPTIBAT® is a generic product and technology for the optimization and overall improvement of the operation of industrial and energy intensive processes. It has been developed following Software Engineering methodologies for Real Time Systems and standards for the design, implementation, documentation and testing in highly demanding industrial environments.

OPTIBAT® implements, in the core of its software, a protected technology approach named Process Cognition, built from knowledge developed along four decades of research since the 80’s.

Basically, OPTIBAT® observes, learns, and then, recommends. It observes the process data, learns from them along time, and when it is reasonable, appropriate and convenient, it recommends adjustments in the process operation. Adjustments can be provided to the operating staff (man-in-the-loop) or carried out in closed loop, at decision of the process owner. Safely and smoothly.

The Process Cognition approach makes use of high-end Soft Computing technologies, mainly those inspired in Hybrid Artificial Intelligence Systems: neural computation, fuzzy logic, inductive learning, and optimization strategies based on proven heuristics and metaheuristics.

Process Cognition relies on a proprietary technique named Skill Composition. , which consists on defining, when customizing a solution, the basic skills involved in the resolution of a complex optimization problem, and how they are coordinated. OPTIBAT® Built-in Skills implement simple tasks by means of Soft Computing technologies. In run-time, skills are trained separately and their inferences happen synchronously, coordinated by the OPTIBAT® Real-Time Core: the brain of the system. By means of Skill Composition, OPTIBAT® can easily be adapted to cope with very different complex processes and create new specific products and solutions for them.

A unique approach for automatic training of OPTIBAT® skills allows it to learn and adapt to changes in process dynamics without human intervention, while keeping in mind former process working conditions from the long, medium and short term process history, and continuously pursue its optimization objective.

It is able to learn and cope with highly non-linear process dynamics, different modes of operation and improve even unstable processes. Batch, continuous and discrete processes can be optimized.

Process stability is strictly controlled in OPTIBAT®. Only proven process operations are carried out in a safe way, without undesired extrapolations. The working limits for the optimizer are configured by plant staff.

It makes use of standards for data access, such as OPC, SQL, ODBC, JDBC and others. Integration with modern PLC, CNC, SCADA or DCS by means of Ethernet, Profinet, RS-232 or other connections is straightforward. In this way, OPTIBAT® becomes the Optimization Server for the process.

Integration with closed legacy systems is enabled by means of OCR technologies. There are no barriers for the application of OPTIBAT® solutions.

OPTIBAT® can be adapted to each customer, to his specific process and needs. Once installed, it will always stay alert to changes and obtain the highest profit from the process with the existing facilities.

OPTIBAT® Methodology. Our priority is customer’s comfort, safety and economy. OPTIBAT® systems are carefully installed following a methodology of data analysis, customization, rigorous testing and training prior to putting the system into service. In some cases, a progressive, step-by-step activation of functionalities is carried out in order to ensure a smooth utilization of this optimization tool. Once OPTIBAT® is in service, first-class maintenance and support service worldwide is a priority for OPTIMITIVE.

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