Features of OPTIMITIVE systems

No new investment is required. Our systems run on a simple PC and, by means of an Ethernet connection, can communicate with any process making use of standard protocols.

Communication is possible with any kind of Process Control System, be it equipped with modern OPC server technology, or with legacy custom-made SCADA systems.

Economical guarantee: no improvement, no cost. OPTIMITIVE takes all the risk. When exploitation costs are high, invoicing is made in proportion to the savings.

Our systems are smoothly and safely installed. Several test phases have to be passed before the system is put into service. The process operator has full control over the optimization actuations of our products.

What do our customers achieve?

• Save money in production costs, by means of 3% to 10% reduction in energy or raw material needs, for the same or better quality and production rate.

• Throughputs, cycle time, OEE, pollutant emissions, are examples of other process indicators that can be optimized.

• Product quality improvement or reduction of defective products is in many occasions the main concern of our customers. And our concerns.

• Cleaner processes that fulfill environmental regulations.

• Smoothly driven and better maintained processes.

• Optional - Automatic detection of performance losses, anomalies and maintenance needs.

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