On April 27, a Committee of Honor made up of officials from public and private institutions such as the Centre for Industrial Cybersecurity, the Chemical Institute of Sarriá, Sabic, Feique, the Spanish Section of ISA, Ingeman, Techsolids or Aefi, decided to recognize and grant the Iberquimia Innovation Award 2016 in the category of Energy Efficiency, to the company AIR LIQUIDE, for the project made in collaboration with OPTIMITIVE and based on the technology OPTIBAT® of this company, under the title "Adaptive Intelligence for the Dynamic Optimization of the Liquefaction Cycle in an Air Gases Separation Plant. " AIR LIQUIDE and OPTIMITIVE collaborate in the project as Technical Partners.


Air Liquide, the world leader in production of gases, solutions and technologies to industry and health, has developed, in collaboration with the company OPTIMITIVE, a pilot project to optimize the liquefaction process in an Air Gases Separation Plant (ASU) through the massive capture of data (Big data), analysis and mining of those data, and modeling using neural networks and artificial intelligence, with the goal of reducing electricity consumption of the liquefaction cycle per unit of produced liquid N2.

The purpose is the real time adaptation of the plant production flow to the logistical need at all times, maximizing energy efficiency. This project is being implemented in the Air Gases Separation Plant of Air Liquide in Sagunto. Its objective is the determination and real-time application of the optimal values of the operating variables that involve a minimum overall consumption of electricity per unit of produced liquid N2 in the liquefaction cycle plant (kwh / Nm3 liquid N2), measured at a constant temperature of N2.

Prediction capabilities allow OPTIBAT® system to create sophisticated multidimensional models of the process and know how any change will result in certain levels of energy consumption and production that take into account the real and precise behavior of each component at all times.

In the picture, Ignacio de la Varga Villagra and Enrique Alpuente Frasnedo, from AIR LIQUIDE, receiving the award
(source: www.industriaquimica.es).
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