“I founded OPTIMITIVE back in 2008 with the idea that every industry worldwide should have advanced AI software assisting the operation to make them more efficient and sustainable, consume less energy and be more productive. This is now more possible than ever, thanks to the advances in Plant Automation and Artificial Intelligence, and the great awareness that industries have gained about Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0.

As a passionate about creating intelligent software, I enjoyed from the late 80’s of the great opportunity that AI was starting to open. Even with ups and downs, hypes and disappointments, AI has gained its place to stay in Manufacturing and Process Industry. And during this journey, I have had the pleasure of meeting great people, including my co-founders, investors, business angels, innovative customers, partners and co-workers. And lastly, but not least, I had the good luck of meeting Peter Spinney, former founder of NEUCO, a great company that pioneered the application of Neural Networks in the Power Industry and made outstanding achievements in deploying this new technology in its very early stages in a good number of installations.

In OPTIMITIVE, we are proud of continuing beyond the steps initiated by NEUCO, and incorporate a native AI architecture, with a clear purpose of scaling this technology in all Process Industries, making it easier and shorter to install, covering from the Edge to the Cloud, and optimizing from the biggest to the smallest equipment and physical systems. In this way, we are determined to implement our mission, of achieving the massive adoption of AI in Industrial Operations, helping our customers have more profitable businesses and contributing to a more sustainable world.

This blog is born to share and disseminate our experiences, lessons learnt and contribute in this way to this vision and mission.”

Javier A. Garcia Sedano